WNBA, NWSL TV deal renewals could also be $1 billion boon for ladies’s sports activities

In the early days of the National Women’s Soccer League, the games were streamed almost entirely on YouTube. They usually drew just a few thousand viewers at a time. And they were largely available for free.

Ten years later, it’s safe to say the situation has changed. The NWSL has secured seven-figure broadcasting deals with CBS and Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch. Ratings are trending upward, and there’s a belief that revenue from the next deal, or deals, could be substantially larger.

“I think maybe it won’t surprise you to know that we expect significant growth,” commissioner Jessica Berman told USA TODAY Sports.

And in the world of women’s sports, the NWSL is hardly alone.

As fan and sponsor interest in women’s sports continue to grow, and the media landscape continues to shift, several leagues are also nearing the end of their current broadcasting deals. It’s a metaphorical perfect storm, a combination of market and societal factors that could lead to a TV revenue boon in the next several years.

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