What Property Did Virginia Tech Submit for EA Sports activities’ Faculty Soccer Video Sport?

Last year, EA Sports announced that the legendary NCAA Football game would return under a new name — EA Sports College Football.

As Matt Brown of Extra Points has reported, they are targeting a 2023 launch for the game, which gives everyone plenty of time to think about how they will turn Eastern Michigan into the next Big Ten powerhouse on Dynasty Mode.

Since then, EA Sports has been developing the game and requesting information from participating universities to make the game as realistic as possible.

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, VTScoop obtained what Virginia Tech sent EA Sports.


First, they provided dozens of photos of Lane Stadium. This includes shots from almost everywhere in the stadium, which presumably will be used by EASports to build a realistic-looking Lane Stadium.

Of note, there are a couple of shots of the Indoor Practice Facility, the Merryman Center, and the Jamerson Center from an elevated perch in the East Stands, so those facilities may make an appearance.

There are no photos of the actual inside of the tunnel where Virginia Tech makes its entrance, so it’s unlikely that you will see the interior walking through the tunnel.

However, there are photos from the front of the tunnel similar to the angle the TV broadcast typically gets with the head coach and one of the flag bearers standing at the mouth of the tunnel waiting to get the cue to enter.

Another note, there is no photo of the Frank Beamer statue that stands outside the Southwest entrance, which I thought would have been a cool item to include.


In addition to photos for the stadium build, EASports asked schools to provide specific songs, chants, and other audio assets associated with the gameday experience.

To get it out of the way, Virginia Tech made a “note of importance” stating that Virginia Tech takes the field to “Enter Sandman” by Metallica.

If they didn’t already, EASports now definitely knows that. It’s on them to obtain the licensing rights and pay whatever fee is necessary to include the song in the game.

And no, “Stick It In” was not submitted.

However, they did specifically ask for audio used for game moments such as first down, third down, touchdown, and common moments.

Many of these are not recognizable via the name of the song, but when you hear it, you’ll know it. I am slightly disappointed there was no “Go Tech Go” submitted nor the recently featured and always spine-tingling “STAND UP AND SHOUT.”

Here’s the full list of audio clips and crowd chants Virginia Tech submitted for specific moments.

  • Pre-Team Runout: Let’s Go Hokies Stadium Yell
  • 1st Down: The band plays following the PA announcer saying “First Down, Hokies. Also includes a crowd chant element. Virginia Tech provided a clip of the HOKIES part, but not the “First Down, Hokie” part.
  • 3rd Down (Defense): Crazy Train or Iron Man (provided via band clips), as well as crowd chants for “Gobble” or “Key Play.” The Turkey gobble was included via an audio clip, while Virginia Tech noted that “Key Play” is “not a chant but fans jingle their keys.”
  • 4th Down (Defense): Gobble or Key Play
  • Touchdown: Tech Triumph (Virginia Tech provided a band clip of this).
  • PAT, 2 PT Conversion (Successful): Tech Triumph
  • Field Goal (Successful): Tech Triumph
  • Takeaway/Fumble Recovery: Shenandoah (band clip)
  • Big Defensive Stop: None provided
  • Between Quarters Tradition: Virginia Tech provided an audio band clip of the Hokie Pokie and noted it is played between the 1st and 2nd quarters.
  • Postgame (Win): Tech Triumph
  • Other Moments/Traditions – Sack: Rock U (band clip with “hey we just sacked you, hey we’ll do it again”)
  • Other Moments/Traditions – After Opposing Team Punt: Carmina Burana or Danger Zone or Imperial March (all band clips)
  • Other Moments/Traditions – VT Offensive Drive: #2 Or #10 or Charge (Both recognizable band clips)
  • Other Moments/Traditions – VT Offense 2nd Down: Nokia Drum Cadence (band clip)
  • Other Moments/Traditions – Opposing Team in Red Zone: Wake Up (band clip)

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