Rox early surprises, MLB enlargement, 2022 all-stars

Denver Post sports writer Patrick Saunders with the latest installment of his Rockies Mailbag.

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Patrick, it’s early, but what’s your take on the Rockies so far? Does this team look like what you expected it to be? Any surprises? Should we be concerned about Brendan Rodgers’ struggles? Thanks.

—Mark, Arvada

Mark, you’re right, it’s early. Very early. Like 4:30 am early.

I understand Rockies fans’ reluctance to give up their heart, time, attention, and hard-earned dollars to support this team. After all, during the pandemic-shortened 2020 season, Colorado opened with an 11-3 record and then proceeded to go 15-31 the rest of the way to finish 26-34.

Still, there’s been a lot to like so far.

Surprise? There are plenty:

* The bullpen entered Tuesday night’s game with a 1.88 ERA, the best in the majors.

* Right-hander Chad Kuhl, signed as a fifth starter for $3 million, dominated the Phillies Monday night and has a 0.87 ERA after two starts.

* I thought CJ Cron would be solid, but he looks like a consistent power hitter in the middle of the order the Rockies need. Still, we have to see how he performs on the road.

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