On-line utility system for govt rewards and pension began

In a decision that could make life easier for athletes and former sportspersons, they can now apply for their dues and awards online without having to involve national federations or visit government offices for physical or file verification.

Active athletes who seek awards, rewards or any other form of government recognition can log on to the sports ministry portal and upload relevant documents needed for payment.

“If an athlete had to seek for rewards and recognition from the government after a good performance, they had to go via the federation or SAI earlier, then it went through scrutiny and it took almost a year or two for these athletes to get their dues. ,” sports minister Anurag Thakur said during the launch of the new-look website on Friday.

“We made this system simpler and more transparent. We have used technology to bring in more transparency and accountability to the system and it is further going to help the athletes to apply online and they will get their dues in a limited time.”

Former sportspersons can now also apply for pension online.

“Pension scheme or Deen Dayal Upadhyay National Welfare Scheme for Sportspersons also we have made online so that athletes’ time doesn’t get wasted on this. The role of SAI and NSFs have been made non-existent so to say,” the minister said.

“Pension for meritorious sportspersons scheme also used to take time and many failed to get the benefit. So, we have made available to sportspersons an easy-to-use transparent system. It is user-friendly and technology-driven. We will try to upgrade this system continuously so that life becomes easy and one can get the benefits. It is easy to apply, takes less time and money gets transferred directly to bank accounts through DBT.”

Individuals, corporate entities, public sector undertakings can also make financial contributions online.

“NSDF (National Sports Development Fund) is a big initiative in creating funds for TOPS (Target Olympic Podium Scheme), other benefits for athletes and developing infrastructure. PSUs, corporates have helped us in creating this fund. Individuals can also contribute if they want. I appeal to all countrymen, corporate sector, PSUs and all other institutions to go online and make their contribution,” Thakur said.

There are various ways in which they can contribute to the development of sports.

“Adopt a player, adopt a game, adopt a hostel, adopt a field… You can choose and come forward to adopt any player, any sport, any hostel, any sports infrastructure, we are ready to collaborate with you and it will be technology -driven and transparent,” he added.


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