NFL Exec: Broncos Seen as Fourth-Greatest Workforce in AFC West

The biggest trade in Broncos franchise history will prove futile in challenging the Chiefs, nor the Chargers or Raiders, for AFC West supremacy.

This, the judgment of an anonymous NFL executive who claimed Denver is still seen as a divisional basement-dweller despite its bombshell acquisition of quarterback Russell Wilson.

“It seems like they are being hailed for a move when the reality is, they didn’t want Wilson, they wanted Aaron Rodgers,” the exec told Mike Sando of The Athletic earlier this month. “Let’s face it, if they get Rodgers, they are the No. 1 team in that division. Instead, they are being looked at as possibly the third-, maybe even the fourth-best team in that division. And I like Wilson. I think he can still play. But there is a big difference between what Denver wanted and what Denver got.”


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