NBA followers ‘rejoice’ harrowing LeBron James anniversary in eye-melting methods

Twelve years ago today, the NBA world witnessed one of LeBron James’ most infamous moments. Yes, it’s “The Decision”. In a televised broadcast, LeBron announced his intentions to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. It’s one of the most defining moments of his long and storied career. (via ESPN Stats & Info)

After 12 years, NBA fans are still up in arms about LeBron’s “Decision” in 2010? Was it the right move for him, but improperly executed? Was it a cowardly move that puts him a tier below Michael Jordan? Fans have a lot to say about this topic to this day, especially during it’s anniversary.

One of the biggest criticisms of “The Decision” was the choice to make this a televised event. No other free agent signing in NBA history has reached this level of publicity. For some, it was incredibly tone-deaf of LeBron James to televise this decision to fans.

Of course, there are fans who believe that LeBron James did the right thing by taking his talents to South Beach.

There are also others that completely revile James for this decision.

Still others say that the Cavaliers fanbase were wrong in booing James after The Decision after bringing the Cavs to two NBA Finals appearances.

Whatever your stance on “The Decision” is, no one can deny that it launched James to true basketball greatness. He would win two NBA championships with the Heat. He’d also win one in Cleveland in thrilling fashion after returning to the city in 2015. Finally, after joining the Lakers in 2019, LeBron won his fourth ring a year later.

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