Kenny Smith doubles down on Timberwolves celebration criticism

one. After the Timberwolves beat the Clippers in the play-in game last week, TNT’s Inside the NBA crew mocked Minnesota for its over-the-top celebration.

Inevitably, there was backlash in some corners of the internet: Everyone should celebrate anything they want as much as they want!

During an appearance on the YES Media Podcast this week, I asked Inside the NBA‘s Kenny Smith if he had any regrets about mocking Minnesota’s players.

“Nothing great is accomplished without passion,” he said. “But if I win the lottery, I’m gonna act one way. If I win the Quick Pick, I’m gonna act another way. That’s all I’m saying. There are levels to my excitement. And that’s all I’m saying. They won the Quick Pick. You can’t act like you won the lottery. The only time you’ve ever seen that is when someone has won championships. They jumped on stanchions. Multiple guys. Not just one. Multiple guys jumping on stanchions, multiple guys kissing people, their loved ones. There is a level of excitement and passion that you need, but did you win the Quick Pick or did you win the lotto?”


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