IU basketball freshman CJ Gunn discusses summer season exercises

Indiana freshman guard CJ Gunn meets with the media on July 7, 2022. (Photo: IU Athletics)

Watch and listen to what Indiana freshman guard CJ Gunn had to say Thursday during his first media availability session since arriving to Bloomington this summer.

Below is the full transcript:

How has your shooting translated so far against college players?

Gunn: “It’s been good, it’s been an amazing experience. Shooting my shots, it’s really no different. I’ve been working on just keeping the same form and just keeping my shot consistent. So it’s all about just knocking it down at that next level , and it’s translating.”

Where does your emphasis on defense come from?

Gunn: “I grew up always having that dog in me on both ends of the floor. And I feel like it’s really important to me to be a two-way player and not only be the best player offensively, but to also guard the best player on the other team. So I really pride myself on defense and keeping my defender in front of me and also playing the right spot off the ball.”

What adjustments have you had to make so far in college?

Gunn: “I wouldn’t say it was anything I didn’t expect. It’s just an adjustment to the speed of the game and just how important it is to be in shape and to be conditioned. I think the everyday work, multiple hours a day , more than once a day, I think that’s the biggest thing. Getting used to it, it’s more like a job now than in high school.”

Did you ever have doubts about your UI commitment?

Gunn: “The only time I really had questioned was the time period where coach Archie got fired and before we knew who the head coach was going to be. That was my only question or where I was really questionable about what my decision was going to be. But once we heard the decision, that it was gonna be my Woodson, it kind of solidified from that point out. there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to play for him as he’s a legend at IU, a legendary NBA player, NBA coach. So I believe he can make me into the best version of myself.”

Impressions of the other freshmen?

Gunn: “Kaleb, I think he’s more like a big guard. He can get his shot off and create his shot whenever he wants to. Fino, he’s a great facilitator, he knows how to use his body real well to just affect the defense in so many ways. And Malik, he’s just he’s just a straight killer when it comes to post work and mid-range, and he also has a clip from the three-point line. So I think we all are just a versatile group and we can definitely make an impact right away, so I’m excited to see what happens.”

Has anything surprised you about the program so far?

Gunn: “I would just say how easy it is to get along with everybody — the coaches, even Timmy G., the athletic trainer, my teammates. Just everybody’s real fun, everybody’s easy to talk to, easy to get along with. I wouldn’t ‘t say I didn’t expect it, but it just helps make the process a lot easier.”

How do you see your play style meshing with the other freshmen?

Gunn: “We’ve been working really good on offense and on defense. We know we’re all offensive players, so the offense takes care of itself. We really try to focus on the defensive end, just all the freshmen, we’re coming in now learning the spots on defense, learning the rotations and stuff like that.But I feel like that’s the biggest spot we need to improve in. But offense, we all know the positions, we all know how to move the ball, and we all play well off each other.”

How is Coach Woodson as a motivator?

Gunn: “Different guys are in different ways. Some guys you have to talk trash to then to get motivated, some guys you have to try to uplift them to get motivated. So coach Woodson, he really takes the time to get to know us and know what we prefer. And he knows how to motivate us all in different ways. So with me specifically, I’m a hard-nose — I learn through hard-nose, like my dad was really aggressive — so Coach just knows how to make me focus and make me dial in more.”

What are your physical goals?

Gunn: “It’s really important to Me and Coach Clif, we’ve really been focused on getting me to 200 pounds before we go back home in August. But, yeah, getting to 200 pounds and nutrition is really important, nutrition and sleep is really all a part of the process. So you have to take in all of those factors and really lock in and key in on staying disciplined to those. And so that’s what I really learned over the summer.”

How much do you weight right now?

Gunn: “I weighed in today, I was 199.”

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