Diamondbacks’ Buddy Kennedy will get real-life hitting tip from online game MLB: The Present

In the second inning Wednesday night, Buddy Kennedy lined a sinker from Alex Cobb into right field for a lead-off single. Then, in the third inning, he notched another single, again off Cobb’s sinker.

The next day, surrounded by a handful of astonished teammates in the clubhouse, Kennedy explained how he was able to hit Cobb’s sinker so well: He had seen it before.

No, Kennedy had never faced Cobb — not in a major league game, not in the minors. But that morning, he played against him on MLB The Show.

“The Show just helps me,” Kennedy said, matter-of-factly. “It just gets me ready.”

Surely, though, a video game can’t be that helpful. So, how much of the credit for his two-hit day does Kennedy give to The Show?

“I would say that’s 85% there,” Kennedy said, his smile revealing just how ridiculous this all sounds. But Kennedy isn’t making it up.

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