DeSean Jackson mulling retirement however would take into account one other NFL season if considered one of these 4 groups referred to as

When the 2021 season ended, DeSean Jackson thought for sure that he’d be returning to play at least one more year in the NFL, but after taking the past three months to think things over, the wide receiver is now considering retirement.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated this week, the three-time Pro Bowler admitted that he might be ready to hang up his cleats for good after 14 NFL seasons.

“I’m not really sure if I’m going to play [in 2022] or not,” Jackson said. “I know I announced it and said I was going to play, but it’s just really where I am at this point in my life, it’s got to be the right fit. To play 14 years in the NFL, going to Philly, going to Washington, Tampa, going back to Philly and then playing for the Rams and then playing for the Raiders, it’s got to fit right for me, but my career has been one hell of a ride.”

If the 35-year-old wide receiver does decide to come back for another season, he’s not going to be willing to play for just anyone. As a matter of fact, Jackson will only really be looking for one thing in a potential new team and that’s a “great quarterback.” The veteran also listed four teams that he’d definitely be willing to sign with.

“If the right situation calls, a great quarterback, not just a good [quarterback],” Jackson said of what he’ll potentially be looking for. “There’s a few teams [I’d play for]: The Chiefs maybe one. TheBrowns. Russell Wilson in Denver. Green Bay… We’ll see for sure.”

Jackson has played with five different teams over the course of his career. After being drafted by the Eagles with the 49th overall pick in 2008, he ended up spending six years in Philadelphia before heading to Washington for three seasons starting in 2014. Jackson also spent two years with the Buccaneers (2017-18) before returning to Philly for two seasons (2019-20). In 2021, he played for two teams: He started the year with the Rams, but then signed with the Raiders shortly after being released by Los Angeles in November.

One reason Jackson might call it quits is because he’s happy with how his career has turned out.

“I’ve already surpassed every level I ever thought I would accomplish,” Jackson said.

The speedy receiver has been one of the best deep threats in NFL history. Not only did he lead the NFL in yards per catch a total of four times in his career, but he also ranks second in league history on the list of most touchdown catches of 50 or more yards. Only Jerry Rice, who has 36, has more than Jackson’s 34.

One thing Jackson is still lacking is a Super Bowl win, which could be one reason why he wants to play with a great quarterback. Jackson has only played in one conference title game during his 14 seasons and he’s never played in a Super Bowl. Even getting a playoff win would probably thrill Jackson since he hasn’t been a part of one since his rookie year in 2008.

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