Bizarre younger super-Jupiter demanding situations theories of planet formation

A newly found out planet has the diameter of Jupiter however 8 occasions its mass, giving it two times the density of Earth in spite of being composed most commonly of fuel. Now not most effective have those traits of this “great Jupiter” left astronomers at a loss for words, however they might additionally problem present theories about planet formation.

The exoplanet, which lies round 310 light-years out of doors the sun device within the constellation Centaurus, orbits a sun-like famous person and is simply 15 million years outdated, making it a relative toddler in cosmic phrases and when in comparison to our 4.6 billion-year-old planet. A group of astronomers used to be in a position to measure each the diameter and mass of this fuel massive — dubbed a “great Jupiter” as a result of it’s extra large than its sun device namesake — making it the youngest planet of this type for which such measurements have ever been made.

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