Sway 1.8-rc1 Wayland Compositor Brings Extra Safe Display Lockers, Progressed Vulkan Code

The primary unencumber candidate of the Sway 1.8 Wayland compositor is now to be had for checking out.

The ext-session-lock-v1 protocol permits for a privileged Wayland consumer to fasten the consultation and show arbitrary graphics whilst the consultation is locked. The customer stays answerable for appearing authentication and informing the compositor when it will have to be unlocked. The compositor additionally has the choice of limiting the protocol to a unique consumer introduced through the compositor itself or divulge it to all privileged purchasers if this is the case desired.

Sway 1.8-rc1 additionally provides the “output unplug” command to take away digital outputs, strengthen for libinput’s new prime solution scroll wheel occasions is now supported. The libinput “disable whilst trackpointing” capability could also be now stressed out up.

Sway 1.8-rc1 additionally brings quite a lot of enhancements to its Vulkan renderer.

Rounding out the most important options is xdg-activation-v1 protocol strengthen for extra dependable workspace matching when launching new purchasers. A number of the worm fixes and different adjustments could also be supporting CAP_SYS_NICE on Linux to enhance scheduling.

Downloads and extra main points at the Sway 1.8-rc1 Wayland compositor unencumber by way of SwayWM On GitHub.

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