Wayland Protocol After all In a position For Fractional Scaling

After many months of labor, the wp-fractional-scale-v1 protocol for Wayland is ready to be merged imminently for fractional scaling strengthen.

The wp-fractional-scale-v1 protocol permits for purchasers to be in contact fractional scaling of surfaces with the compositor. Paired with the wp_viewport protocol can be utilized for offering a pleasant fractional scaling implementation quite than desiring integer-based scaling.

There may be already code pending for wlroots / Sway, GNOME Mutter, and KDE round supporting this fractional scaling protocol. There may be instance shopper implementations pending for Qt, Rust-based Winit, and others.

After an immense quantity of labor by means of many events, liberate supervisor Simon Ser has dropped the “wishes [acknowledgements]”, “wishes evaluation”, and “wishes implementations” tags in this protocol and commented that all the necessities for this protocol are actually met and he intends to merge it within the coming days.

Main points by the use of this merge request and particularly And particularly there’s the protocol textual content for fractional-scale-v1 for the ones questioning how it’s laid out.

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