How To Catch And Evolve Eevee In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Eevee in a Tera Battle in its Leaf Tera form.

Screenshot: The Pokémon Corporate

Not like earlier video games within the Pokémon mainline sequence, Scarlet and Violet have made fan-favorite Eevee lovely tough to catch. Handiest shooting up in a scant few tiny spaces, and with very low spawn charges, seeking to evolve the octet of Eeveelutions hasn’t ever been tougher. However this weekend, the video games’ first Tera Raid Combat Match will have to make catching the blighter so much more uncomplicated.

At some other time, if you need an Eevee you’ll want to head to Space 3 of the West Province, Space 2 of the South Province, or the trail on the Pokémon league. However this post-Thanksgiving weekend, it’s been introduced that the Tera Raid Combat Match will function an Eevee Highlight.

Happening from these days, Friday twenty fifth from 11 a.m. thru Monday twenty eighth at 10.59 a.m., Eevee might be a lot more prone to display up in Tera Raid Battles—the ones ones brought on by way of drawing near the massive sparkling crystals that shoot huge beams of remove darkness from into the sky. Which means that no longer most effective will Eevee be more uncomplicated to seek out, however you’ll have the risk to assemble a host of them with quite a lot of Tera Varieties—which means they’ll shift from Standard-type to any of nineteen others.

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There’s one tiny caveat, however no longer a vital one. To ensure that the Raid Combat Match to cause to your sport, you’ll want to have your Transfer be hooked up to the web lengthy sufficient to obtain the newest “Poké Portal Information,” which will have to obtain automagically for those who’re already on-line. And no, that has not anything to do with the paid on-line Transfer subscription, so don’t fear about that. All unfastened.

With a snatch of Eevee beneath your belt, you’ll most probably wish to get started fascinated by evolving them into their 8 other bureaucracy. (All my hopes of a 9th Paldean Eevee seem to have been dashed.) Listed here are some to hand hints for purchasing all 8 eeveelutions:

Flareon: Give your Eevee a Fireplace Stone.

Glaceon: Give your Eevee an Ice Stone.

Jolteon: Give your Eevee a Thunder Stone.

Leafeon: Give your Eevee a Leaf Stone.

Vaporeon: Give your Eevee a Water Stone.

Espeon: You wish to have your Eevee at a top friendship stage, be sure that it doesn’t know any Fairy strikes, after which have it evolve throughout the day.

Umbreon: Top friendship once more, don’t let it be informed any Fairy strikes, after which have it evolve at evening.

Sylveon: All over again, a top friendship stage, however this time be sure that it does know a Fairy transfer, then evolve it day or evening.

Mixed with Tera Varieties from the Tera Battles, that is going to get extremely difficult! Just right good fortune!


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