God of Battle Ragnarok – How one can Beat Each and every Berserker

The Berserker Fights in God of Battle Ragnarok are not any funny story! Those vengeful spirits are fearsome, and defeating all of them ends up in some of the hardest fights within the recreation. Whether or not you simply need some common pointers for easy methods to struggle those foes or desire a detailed information for every one, we’ve were given you lined – right here’s easy methods to defeat each and every Berserker in God of Battle Ragnarok.

*SPOILER WARNING* – This video presentations photos from the mid, past due and post-game, we advise best gazing this video after a minimum of finishing the “Forging Future” primary project, or completing the sport solely.

00:00 – Intro
Basic Guidelines
01:08 – How To In finding the Berserkers
01:35 – Stage Up (Well being Bar Colors)
02:07 – Use Lock On Strategically
02:30 – Parry Assaults When Conceivable
03:10 – How one can Dispel Elemental Debuffs
03:49 – 1-2 Punch Assault
04:11 – Ranged Elemental Assaults
05:03 – Proximity Detonation Assault
05:31 – How one can Steer clear of Dying From Above Assault
05:55 – Use Resurrection Stones
06:34 – Fill Berserker Stun Meters
07:17 – Which Guns Are Highest
08:41 – Use Permafrost, Immolation and Maelstrom
09:06 – Runic Assaults & Runic Shields
09:40 – Interrupt Blue-Circle Assaults

Berserker Particular Guidelines
10:20 – Fraekni the Zealous (Midgard)
10:48 – Beigadr the Feared (Svartalfheim)

11:27 – Hardrefill the Callous (Svartalfheim)
11:57 – Hjalti the Stolid (Alfheim)
12:40 – Hvitserkr the Daring (Vanaheim)
13:52 – Haklangr the Bearded (Vanaheim)
15:54 – Alfheim Trio (Svipdagr the Chilly & The Sisters of Illska)
18:27 – Svartalfheim Duo (Bodvar the Fierce & Starolfr the Difficult)
20:33 – Skjothendi the Unerring (Niflheim)
22:21 – King Hrolf Kraki (Midgard)

For walkthroughs, guides, and our interactive map, make certain to try our Ragnarok Information on IGN.com!

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