NVIDIA Positive factors 88% Marketplace Percentage Hang, AMD Now at 8% Adopted Through Intel at 4%

Jon Peddie Analysis (JPR) has printed the overall GPU marketplace percentage document for Q3 2022 that duvet AMD, Intel & NVIDIA GPUs. Whilst we reported their complete GPU marketplace percentage document a couple of days in the past, nowadays, we can be speaking in particular concerning the discrete GPU numbers that are simply as grim as the overall PC percentage document.

In spite of Dwindling GPU Shipments, NVIDIA Positive factors Discrete GPU Marketplace Percentage Large Time Whilst AMD Falls Underneath Unmarried-Digit Figures

Right through Q3 2022, overall PC GPU shipments declined by means of -25.1% (Y/Y) out of which desktop graphics noticed a -15.43% decline and pocket book graphics noticed a -30% decline. This used to be termed as ‘the largest drop because the 2009’ recision by means of Jon Peddie himself. Extra at the general GPU marketplace percentage right here.

So coming to the discrete GPU marketplace percentage numbers, the document tells us that the dGPU shipments decline to fourteen million devices as opposed to 24 million devices within the earlier yr. That is a drop of -41.6% & is rather huge if you happen to imagine that the 3rd quarter is typically the most powerful enlargement quarter for PCs. Right through this quarter, NVIDIA controlled to lift its marketplace dangle to 88%, a report quantity adopted by means of AMD whose marketplace dangle declined to single-digit figures of simply 8%. Intel controlled to roughly retain its percentage dangle of four%, witnessing a 1% decline from the former quarter however a cast 4-5% acquire as opposed to the former yr.

The marketplace noticed a big uptick in GPU shipments for a short lived two-year duration all because of the crypto craze nevertheless it has been on a decline ever since. These days, the quantity has fallen sooner than the 100M unit shipments and doing a breakdown, we will see that each one segments are most commonly down. The desktop & pocket book discrete shipments have taken a landslide fall whilst the desktop and pocket book built-in aspect stays stable and in keeping with earlier years.

When you check out the person desktop and pocket book GPU percentage statistics, the desktop aspect fared somewhat higher with a slight building up in shipments from 26 million within the earlier quarter to twenty-eight million this quarter. The pocket book aspect noticed the largest drop from 58 million final quarter & 48 million shipments this quarter.

As soon as once more, the desktop discrete GPU marketplace declined to only 7 million devices from 10 million within the earlier quarter and 13 million within the earlier yr. In the meantime, the built-in GPU shipments on desktops boosted from 15% (Q/Q) and 20% (Y/Y) to 21 million in Q3 2022. As of at the moment, the full PC iGPUs cargo is round 62 Million devices whilst the full PC dGPU shipments are round 14M devices.

Unit shipments, segments and dealer percentage (Credit: JPR)

Q3 2022 Desktop Pocket book Overall
Workstation 0.72 1.05 1.77
Prime-end 2.42 4.45 6.87
Midrange 2.78 NA 2.78
Access-level 0.96 1.47 2.43
Built-in 20.78 40.85 61.63
Overall 27.67 47.82 75.49

GPU Unit Shipments Through Phase & Platform in tens of millions (Credit: JPR)

Q3’22 Desktop Pocket book Overall
AMD 0.04 0.00 0.04
Nvidia 0.69 1.05 1.74
AMD 0.13 0.20 0.33
Intel 0.36 0.36
Nvidia 2.29 3.93 6.22
AMD 0.34 0.34
Intel 0.26 0.26
Nvidia 2.18 2.18
AMD 0.18 0.16 0.34
Nvidia 0.78 1.27 2.05
Built-in Desktop Pocket book Overall
AMD 2.07 5.87 7.94
Intel 18.71 34.98 53.69
Desktop Pocket book Overall
AMD 2.76 6.23 8.98
Intel 18.97 35.34 54.31
Nvidia 5.94 6.25 12.19
Overall 27.67 47.82 75.49

Each AMD and NVIDIA had been looking to transparent their last-gen GPU inventories to make room for next-gen GPUs. Whilst NVIDIA has introduced two next-gen merchandise, the GeForce RTX 4090 & the RTX 4080, they’re situated within the extremely fanatic phase with costs above $1200 US. We’ve got come to understand that the fairway staff has shipped over 150,000 RTX 40 GPUs up to now and that some of the two GPUs hasn’t controlled to draw the target market neatly. The corporate continues to be looking to eliminate older RTX 30 sequence stock by means of respinning its mainstream 3060 and 3070 sequence playing cards with somewhat higher specifications and promos because the 40 sequence mainstream playing cards are a couple of months clear of now.

AMD alternatively has been doing the similar then again the ASP for NVIDIA playing cards is solely so much upper than the Radeon choices at the present time. The corporate may be at the verge of launchings its next-gen Radeon RX 7000 sequence playing cards that are anticipated to supply higher worth than NVIDIA’s high-end choices however that continues to be noticed. Intel alternatively simply introduced its Arc high-end lineup for desktops and will likely be doing the similar for laptops quickly. Raja Koduri stated that they need to get Arc in tens of millions of PCs annually then again the primary yr for Arc hasn’t long gone that easily. Nonetheless, having received a 4-5% percentage in one yr is a good step for the newly shaped graphics department.

What GPU do you’ve got to your PC at the moment?

Which discrete GPU do you’ve got to your PC at the moment?

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