$20,000 US & 25% Value Building up Over 5nm, Subsequent-Gen CPUs & GPUs To Be Extra Pricey

Consistent with a record by means of DigiTimes, it looks as if TSMC’s 3nm wafers are going to be tremendous pricey and can have an effect on next-gen CPU & GPU costs.

NVIDIA, AMD, & Intel Prepped For Top Wafer Value As TSMC’s 3nm Crosses $20,000 US Value

The record states that because of its dominance within the chip production box and no pageant but within the 3nm procedure phase, TSMC goes to boost the costs of its 3nm wafers considerably. TSMC wafer pricing is depicted in a chart that presentations the bounce from 7nm ($10,000 US) to 5nm ($16,000) wafers to be round 60%. Now with 3nm, TSMC’s wafer prices are anticipated to surpass the $20,000 US determine which might imply that we’re certain to get costlier merchandise within the type of subsequent technology CPUs and GPUs.

TSMC’s 3nm wafers are rumored to damage the $20,000 US pricing, resulting in larger prices of next-gen Intel, AMD & NVIDIA CPUs/GPUs. (Symbol Credit: DigiTimes)

Recently, AMD and NVIDIA are one of the most high shoppers of TSMC along Apple and others. NVIDIA has undoubtedly bumped up the costs in their playing cards in step with phase. The RTX 4090 prices 10-15% greater than the RTX 3090 and the RTX 4080 prices over 50% upper than the RTX 3080. NVIDIA’s CEO was once additionally reported to seek advice from Taiwan to speak with TSMC’s CEO about securing 3nm wafers early on for his or her next-gen GPU lineup.

AMD has been ready to offset the cost by means of mix and matching other nodes on its chiplet merchandise. The Ryzen, Radeon, and EPYC lineup make the most of each 5nm and 6nm applied sciences and chiplets to lend a hand cut-down total prices related to monolithic dies. Shifting ahead, Intel may be going to leverage TSMC N5 and N3 procedure nodes for its Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake tGPU IPs.

On the other hand, this dominance state of affairs can even permit the cost of every technology of wafer foundries to upward push sharply with none resistance.┬áIt’s understood that 3nm has already exceeded 20,000 US greenbacks. With the pointy build up in manufacturing prices, the chip trade is certain to go it directly to downstream shoppers and customers, and the cost of new terminal merchandise will now not return.

[…] NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang stated bluntly that regardless of the restricted efficiency development, the rise in new merchandise is cheap, as a result of the cost of 12-inch foundry wafers has larger considerably when put next with the previous, now not just a bit costlier.

by the use of DigiTimes

However this dependency on TSMC signifies that the semiconductor production corporate will stay in a dominant place and will justify the upper costs for its technological edge over others. Rival Samsung had additionally mentioned that they had been going to start mass manufacturing of their very own 3nm (GAP) node by means of 2024 then again issues don’t seem to be having a look nice because the yields are lower than 20% & there are lots of problems with Samsung’s next-gen node these days. All of this implies is that chip costs are going to proceed to move upper with regards to prices and except there is every other competitor at the identical stage as TSMC, we will’t be expecting this development to damage.

Intel has stated that it is one in their objectives to have chip makers reminiscent of NVIDIA and AMD have their merchandise made at their upcoming fabs and we will be able to see how that is going.

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