2022 NFL schedule: U.S Consulate could have by accident leaked the date for Buccaneers sport in Germany

The US Consulate in Germany isn’t exactly known for breaking NFL news on Twitter, but it might have done exactly that on Wednesday when it appeared to leak out the exact date of what will be the NFL’s first-ever regular-season game in Germany .

One thing we do know about the game in Munich is that the Buccaneers will be home team, and according to the tweet from the Consulate, Tampa Bay’s game is scheduled to be played on Nov. 13, which would be Week 10.

The Consulate revealed the news in a series of two tweets. In the first tweet, there was a picture of Timothy Liston, the United States Consul General in Munich, meeting with a delegation from the NFL.

The second tweet then shared the date of the game, “Met to discuss the playbook for the NFL’s engagement in Munich during the run-up to the Nov. 13 regular-season game,” the tweet said.

Here’s what the second tweet from the Consulate looked like:

Of course, you probably shouldn’t go booking a flight for this game just yet and that’s because the Consulate eventually deleted the tweet. Right now, it’s not clear if the NFL asked them to take it down or if it was taken down because the date isn’t set in stone yet. It’s possible that Nov. 13 is the tentative date for the game, but not official.

One small problem with putting the game on Nov. 13 is that it’s the National Day of Mourning in Germany. The “Silent Holiday” is annually held two Sundays before the start of advent. On that day, concerts, partying and entertainment are banned in most parts of the country, although sports events can be held.

If the NFL decides to go with the Nov. 13 date, the league might have to tone down the celebrations for the game. That being said, one reason the date makes sense is because it’s after Oktoberfest in Munich and before the start of the World Cup when fans in Germany will be focused on another type of football.

Although we know the Buccaneers will be the home team in the game, it’s still not clear who they will be playing. Their home schedule consists of the Falcons, Saints, Panthers, Rams, Seahawks, Chiefs, Ravens, and Bengals, so it could be any one of those teams.

German media reported in February that it would likely be the Chiefs, but that’s still up in the air. The Buccaneers and Chiefs were two of the four teams — along with the Panthers and Patriots — who were recently granted international marketing rights in Germany.

We won’t have to wait much longer to find out who the Buccaneers will be playing. The 2022 NFL schedule is expected to be released in early May, so we’ll know the time and date of all 272 games on the schedule this year.

The Buccaneers are one of five teams set to host an international game in 2022. The other four teams are:

The 2022 season will mark just the third time that the NFL has played five international games in a single-season (2017 and 2019 were the others).

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